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Epsiode starts with the game of Dj and Gargi. They plan to trap Yuvika Multani through the game. Dj invites Bhoomi in the game and asks her to walk on the glasses pieces. Arjun is asked to bring Bhoomi. Seeing the farce infront of her eyes, Yuvika Mahajan raises her voice and stops Dj to play the game. Dj smirks as he has finally trapped Yutki Multani.

Yukti explains that this is the sadism, which he has been doing for hours. Dj firmly says that this girl is actually Yuvika Mahajan. When she defends his words, Dj stops her going anywhere else. She proceeds to leave the spot but she is resisted by all the security guards. Dj wants to interrogate Yuvika in a proper to restrict his doubts. He orders her to sit in the chair and asks her to answer every questions. Gargi starts a rapid fire round with Yuvika and asks her to answer without thinking a lot.

Gargi questions her whether she us really Yuvika or Yukti Multani. Yukti holds her breath and continues her acting. But again repeats her question. When Yukti thinks what would she say, Dj threats her with red eyes. She declines all the allegation and asks him to continue the rapid fire. Dj proceeds with his proof and plays the video of Bhanu Pratap. Again Yuvika declines that she has kidnapped Bhanu Pratap. When Dj reassures his accusation, Yuvika asks him to stop this farce. Dj shows her the cctv footage, which proves that it was Yuvika Nagar who kidnapped Bhanu Pratap Mahajan. When Dj clears the picture, everyone becomes startled seeing the face of Yuvika.

Shubhadra fears of the Dj and his drama. Assuming something fishy, she immediately messages Rose. Though Shubhadra doubted at first, but she doesn’t believe that this girl is not Yukti Multani, but Yuvika Nagar, then she thought how she would get all that money.

Dhanraj and Dj both accuse her for kidnapping Bhanu Pratap. Dhanraj has called the police inforce and wants her to be arrested. Dj explains her one by one plans, and unmusks Yuvika. Rose informs Mr Multani about the critical situation of Yukti Multani. After a while the police comes to arrest Yuvika Nagar.

On the other hand, Neil confronts Mr. Multani about his work history. Mr Multani lied Neil that he never work with Mahajan group and company, but actually he lied. Neil gives him the proof and interrogates him about the falsity. Mr Multani agrees to confess him everything.

Episode ends.

Precap : Dj will dare to test Yukti’s eyes so that everyone will be assured about Yukti’s real identity.

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