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The episode starts with DJ fighting with Simone for the way she behaved with his mother. Ruhi valls DJ and Simone cuts the call. The whole Mahajans were stunned upon learning about Vidhur’s arrest. Everyone sees the news that Yuvika got Vidhur arrested. The lady with the cat says that it’s time. Yuvika comes home and Bhoomi asks what happened. Shobhana lashes out at Yuvika for getting Vidhur arrested. Dadababu reasons that Vidhur is not such a person as he’s very loyal and a good friend of Prem. Yuvika tells Dadababu that she herself witnessed Vidhur with a gun near the dead body. Shobhana asks why she went there in the first place. Yuvika tells that she went there to find the mystery behind her father’s death. She reveals that her father didn’t die but was murdered shocking everyone.

Bhoomi asks Yuvika what she’s saying and Yuvika explains how how she found a different Nurse Rhea from the one that attended her father. She tells about checking the footage and finally reaching Neha only to find her murdered. DJ asks if that’s the reason she was in Mahajan company. Yuvika asks whether he was saying on her. When DJ struggles to answer, Gargi asks if he’s accusing everyone of them for it. Yuvika says yes and tells that now she doesn’t trust anyone in the family. She tells that the place where her father is supposed to be the most safest, the same plane his murder took place. She asks how could she let go off it.

Bhoomi asks Yuvika if she’s lying but Yuvika says no and Bhoomi breaks down. Yuvika promises to find her father’s culprit and leaves. Neil hugs his father in prison and pleads him to reveal the truth. His father controls himself and asks him to take care. Neil asks if he’s again trying to take blame of any Mahajan on himself. His father stands still . Isha keeps questioning Yuvika while Bhoomi is still traumatized. She recalls Prem’s words and blames herself for killing Prem.

Precap: DJ tells Gargi ahd Dhanraj that the thing which he never thought in his wildest dreams took place in their Mahajan hospital and asks Gargi and Dhanraj if they were involved too. He asks if something happened in the past and suspects their hand in the murder. Bhoomi tells Yuvika that they need to go back to Rishikesh. Yuvika says that they can’t hut Bhoomi forcefully drags her away.

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Vanshaj 23rd September 2023 Written Update: Yuvika gets Vidhur arrested.