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The episode starts with Bhanu Pratap asking Dhanraj to come forward to perform the rituals. The entire family does the ritual on one side while Yukti performs the other side. Yukti notices Isha is leaving, so she questions her. Isha tells her that she doesn’t have any belief in this. She also calls this nonsense. But Yukti questions her about her faith in God. She also tells it’s not easy to win the trust, either people’s or God. She then makes Isha perform the puja. Isha then leaves the place. Yuvika vows to take revenge on DJ, then Gargi, for whatever they have done against her and his family members. She then gets determined to become a Vanshaj of the Mahajan empire. Yuvika recalls the nurse’s confession, and then she approaches Gargi. She then deliberately makes Gargi miss her balance, which leads Gargi to fall towards the Holy Fire, but Yukti saves her on time. The Mahajan’s rushes to Gargi. They thank Yukti for saving Gargi. Yukti advises DJ not to get worried for simple things, too, then she wishes the Mahajan’s Happy Holi. Both Yukti and DJ stare at each other in a challenging way.

Later, Yuvika plays with the Holi colours. She then recalls everything that happened with her and her family members because of both DJ and Gargi while looking at their happy face. She then thinks in her mind that she should avenge her so-called family at any cost, and then she goes inside. She misses her balance. Neil prevents her from falling down. They both share an eye lock.

Here, Koel gets upset with her cooking skills. Srishti advises Koel to play mind games like Yukti so that she can become a daughter in law of the Mahajan’s. She further tells Koel that they should find the real intention of Yukti and also her weakness so that they can get succeed in their plan. Meanwhile, Neil notifies Yukti about her tear stained eyes. Yukti makes up an excuse, but Neil refuses to believe it, saying that she has to take care of her. Yukti argues with him. She also advises him to focus on Isha. Neil firmly states that he loves also always love Isha’s sister Yuvika, and then he leaves from there. Yuvika gets upset.

Gargi recalls the incident that happened with her earlier during the puja. She tells DJ that she is grateful that Yukti saved her, but she wonders how she missed her balance. She then wonders whether Yukti is behind all this. DJ tells Gargi that even he is suspicious of Yukti’s behaviour. He also decides not to spare Yukti if his suspicion turns real about her. Meanwhile, Srishti tells Koel that they should keep an eye on Yukti to find out the truth.

Here, Bhoomi comes to Yukti. She questions Yukti for helping her and Isha. Yukti gives her an excuse. Bhoomi removes the evil eye off of Yukti and then tells that she does this every year to Yuvika. In return, Yuvika will apply the colour on her face as the first person. Yukti controls her emotions and tells that she isn’t her Yuvika. Bhoomi gets sad. The next day, Bhanu Pratap puts colour on the Mahajan’s, but Bhoomi refuses to apply colour. She also tells Bhanu Pratap that every year this year also Yuvika will apply colour on her. Yuvika sees this everything from upstairs and gets sad. DJ tells Gargi that if whatever Bhoomi tells becomes true, then he won’t spare Yuvika for sure.

Precap: DJ sends his men to find the person in the photo. Yukti applies colour on Bhoomi. DJ and his men surround Yukti, whose lens comes out of her eyes.

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