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Episode starts with the conversation between Yuvika and Bhoomi. Seeing the scar on the face of Yuvika, Bhoomi embraces her and Isha asks Arjun to arrange any vehicle as they don’t want to leave there anymore. But Yuvika seems reluctant that she won’t go anywhere. As Yuvika is defamed by the media reporters, she wants to prove them wrong. She doesn’t want to follow the path of her father, how he escaped from the situation without any protest and justice. So the people got the chance to defame him and his family.

The fear made their life hell but Yuvika doesn’t want to do this mistake repeatedly. Bhoomi also supports the decision of Yuvika and promises that they wouldn’t escape anywhere without getting their justice. Bhoomi gives her the hope that she will surely with the battlefield again. But Arjun reminds that they doesn’t have any proof to prove themselves innocent. Gargi has proved the death of Shobhna Mahajan as a murder, so the media reporters wouldn’t spare Yuvika.

Here, Yogi is admitted in the hospital. Nurse asks him not to do any this risk job, but Yogi loves his job so much for its integrity and his love for the truth. He has the proof that Shobhna was murdered by Gargi. When the mishap took place, he recorded everything. Though the goons tried to snatch hai camera but he didn’t let them take the memory card. He feels excited as he is going to prove the truth.

Ahead, Dj is requested to have the food otherwise he might fall weak. Both the mother and wife of Dj applaud his brevity. Meanwhile, Dhanraj comes and questions Gargi why she is not feeling any pain in herself, how could she be so insensitive. Gargi fakes out that the incident has made her traumatized and pretends to be guilt. The hypocrisy make Dhanraj and DJ believe her words. Gargi tactfully answers the question of Dhanraj. The latter is asked to keep eyes on the future, otherwise the sacrifice of Shobhna Mahajan will be in vain. Though, Dj wants to oust Yuvika before the funeral of Shobhna, but Gargi asks to wait him for something more.

Here, in the room of Yuvika, Neel comes and consoles her. Standing beside her, he wipes off al the scars and tears of Yuvika. The latter is encouraged by Neel to fight back, otherwise their enemy will get another chance to prove themselves devil. They both become the power of each other and join their hands together. Yuvika eagers to meet the reporter who called her in the crematorium.

Episode ends.

Precap : Other members of Mahajan family will perform the funeral ceremony of Shobhna Mahajan, Yuvika will start her facebook live. She will the open the eyes of the media that she didn’t do any crime and will alert the media that Mahajan family will repeat the same conspiracy against herself.

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Vanshaj 4th November 2023 Written Update: Gargi defames Yuvika and her fam