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Episode starts with the preparation of Yuvika for the Facebook live. She wants to unbox all the truth of Mahajans infront of the audience. The family members of Mahajan participate in the funeral of Shobhna Mahajan, Yuvika takes the chance to record her video where she tells out the secret history of Mahajan house. Yuvika starts the recording while Arjun, Isha and Arjun help her to record the video. At first Yuvika describes the history of Prem Mahajan, then she points out the hypocrisy of Shobhna Mahajan. She also uploads the video where it’s clear that Shobhna killed herself rather than being murdered.

Here, in the funeral, the evils become agitated not seeing Yuvika anywhere. Gargi pokes Bhoomi as she still attends the funeral even after so much insults. But Bhoomi also pricks her as Gargi was present in the time of Shobhna’s murder. Here, everyone gets the notification as Yuvika uploads the video where she unfolds all the conspiracy of Shobhna against Prem. She also adjoins the video of Avni Mahajan where she confesses the incident which did take place twenty years before. She directly accuses Shobhna Mahajan as the murderer of Prem Mahajan. She also uploads the video where Shobhna is confessing her guilt in front of her family members. Everyone gets awestrucked watching the video.

The video creates chaos and also becomes viral. The audience realises the conspiracy and hypocrisy of Shobhna and Mahajan family. In the last night, Yuvika also collected the video from Yogi who recorded the screen of Shobhna when she was being lied in the ground with the blood and other stuffs. Yogi alerted her that this video and pictures will help her to prove the death of Shobhna as a suicidal case. They successfully able to spread the news of Shobhna Mahajan.

The video of Shobna makes the guests of the funeral doubtful and question the character of Shobhna. They become also puzzled with many other incidents. Gargi pokes Dhanraj for taking some action against Yuvika and Bhoomi. Though, Gargi and other employees of Mahajan try to eradicate the video from the social media, but it’s not easy for the media house to delete the video. The video triggers off the audience and they protest against the Mahajan house. Dj couldn’t control his wrath and angrily stares at Yuvika. He orders Yuvika and her family to leave the house immediately. Later, Bhanu is asked to forgive Yuvika as she doesn’t have any other way to prove Prem innocent.

Episode ends.

Precap : Yuvika and her family leave the house of Mahajan.

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