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In the latest episode, Bhoomi’s nurse apologises to Yukti for not being able to stop Dj and the doctor from torturing Bhoomi. Yukti says it’s okay since there’s no fault of hers in this. As Yuvika asks Bhoomi if she is okay,she tells Yuvika that this pain is nothing compared to childbirth so she must not worry.

Bhoomi calls Yuvika and informs her about Gargi’s visit and that she asked Bhoomi and Isha to get ready and join them for the temple and shopping. She asks Bhoomi to leave with them while she will handle the rest. Yukti calls Subhadra and informs her and asks her to keep her posted. They sense something fishy. Gargi and Dhanraj get ready for the shopping and temple plan. Dj comes to meet them so Gargi asks him if he is sure that the events that happened the previous night wasn’t something about ghosts. Dj assures that it wasn’t anything ghostly and just done by some human.

Subhadra asks Gargi if Dj won’t join them so she says that Dj won’t go since he is stuck with some work. Subhadra informs this to Yukti. Yuvika realises DJs plan but she plans to scare Dj to the extent that he starts believing that there’s Yuvika’s ghost that’s after him.

Dj sets up cameras and invisible killer wires all over the house to catch Yuvika. Yuvika has some plan in her mind so she asks Koyel to arrange for the conference room for her the entire day since some delegates would be visiting her for a meeting from the gulf country. Dj asks Koyel to keep an eye on Multani. Koyel sees Yukti welcoming the delegates so she thinks she will be busy at the office today.

In the next episode, Yuvika would be seen trying to scare Dj again. Would Yuvika fall for DJs trap? To know what happens next, keep watching Vanshaj.