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Sab Tv recently launched a new show titled Vanshaj and as the name signifies it’s a fight for inheritance by the female lead Yuvika Premraj Mahajan, who’s a girl next door.

In the previous episodes we witnessed,Yuvika reads her birth certificate as Yuvika Premraj Mahajan and her birth place is mentioned as London . Yuvika confronts her father about it but Prem leaves without answering. Her mother scolds her saying that it’s fake but Yuvika doesn’t let it go. Suddenly they hear a sound. Premraj falls down as he suffers a heart attack. They rush him to hospital but there’s no bed available.

Prem slowly starts losing consciousness. the Doctor says Bhoomi that Prem had a minor attack and heart surgery needs to be done immediately. Yuvika pleads with the Doctor to do the surgery but he leaves paying no heed to her. Yuvika falls defeated. Bhoomi had no option but to use the card given by Vidhur.

Dadababu also learns about Prem’s condition as he hears Vidhur’s conversation. He takes immediate action and Prem gets VIP treatment. The children were shocked as they find out they were actually Mahajans. As they question her mother about it while they were on a private plane to shift to Delhi. Bhoomi confirms that they are Mahajans.

She introduces her kids to her family. While everyone including Dhanraj were worried about Prem’s health ,his wife Gargi finds Prem’s comeback as a threat for her son to take over the empire. She dislikes the fact that they have a son. Prem’s surgery is a success and Prem expresses his disappointment on Bhoomi for taking help from Mahajans.

Bhoomi says that she was helpless while Prem worries about his children’s safety. Gargi and Dhanraj feels threatened by Prem and the family’s comeback. Prem asks Yuvi to be strong and always believe in herself. As Yuvika sighs in relief that her father is safe she suddenly passes away due to multiple cardiac arrests. She’s shattered.

In the future episodes we will witness, Dadababu says that Prem is the son of this house and ex CEO. He says that his send off would be done in an all rightful way and him along with Dhanraj take away his body.

At the funeral, everyone invites Arjun to set the fire but Arjun says his sister would do it. Dhanraj says girls of their house won’t do it but Yuvika claims her rights and says that she’s the real successor of her father and he gave her the right.

Will Yuvika find out that she’s a Mahajan heir? Will the Mahajans accept Yuvika and family as their own? Who will rightfully inherit the Mahajan empire?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

Stay tuned for more details.