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Vanshaj is ready for more thrill as Yuvika comes back as Yukti.

In the latest episode, Gargi and Dj are seen trying to find out Yukti’s truth and whether she is Yuvika or not.

As Yukti gets angry and calls Dj for leaving, he comes and apologises to her. He says that her face matches with her sister and they aren’t yet over with her death. She asks Arjun to bring a drink for Yukti. As Yuvika picks up the glass, Arjun takes it away from her hand and spills some on her dress. Yuvika is forced to react. Dj slaps Arjun and insults her to instigate Yuvika.

Dj again apologises to Yukti. She says that this outfit is priceless and asks if he even knows who designed this outfit for her. She says that this is designed by Kaal who is a top and very famous designer. Gargi wishes he designed clothes for her too. Yukti says that would never happen and insults her.Koyel comes and asks Dj why he doesn’t show Yukti the first draft of the deal. Yukti asks them to email the deal and makes it clear that she doesn’t discuss business in parties. Gargi comes and apologises to Yukti.

Gargi asks Yukti to write a note for Bhoomi to test her handwriting. They find that the handwriting doesn’t match. Later she protests and beats a man forcing Isha at the party. She calls off the deal with Dj for such a toxic environment. Yukti takes away the note for Bhoomi from Gargi and asks her assistant Rose to find Bhoomi’s room so that she can go and meet her on her own. She goes upstairs and asks Rose to leave her alone for sometime. She sees Bhoomi sleep and stays quiet. In her mind she says that she is back and she would fix everything now and seek her revenge.

In the next episode Dj would be seen trying to find out Yukti’s truth. Would he succeed in finding out her truth? To know what Yuvika does next, keep watching Vanshaj.