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In the latest episode the doctor informs the Mahajans that Dj is out of danger now but since he fell from a great height his body is still in shock and it would take some more time for his vitals to be normal again. Yuvika feels frustrated at the fact why she saved Dj when he is a devil himself and would have never spared her if she was in his place. Bhoomi explains to her that it isn’t in the nature of the Nagars to cause harm to anyone apart from killing so it’s fine.

After Dj regains consciousness, he tells Gargi something in her ears. Dhanraj sees Gargi talking to Dj but as he enters the room he falls asleep. Gargi behaves weirdly. Gargi looks tense and worried.The doctor comes in and checks on Dj. Gargi lies to the doctor that Dj didn’t come back to consciousness. The doctor suggests that Dj needs to be shifted to the hospital for a better recovery. After the doctor leaves, she tells Dhanraj that Dj told her that it is Yukti’s ghost that did this to him.

As Yuvika tries to find her raksha kavach at the construction site of the Mahajan house, Neil arrives and encircles her with a thousand questions again. Yukti gets annoyed and tries to leave but Neil forces her to answer. She says she is scared after her kidnap and whatever is happening at the Mahajan house.

Gargi roams around the house looking tense and blabbering that someone is back and would kill them all. She keeps on saying that Yuvika is back for her revenge and would kill them all. To know what Yuvika does next, keep watching Vanshaj.