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In the latest episode, Dhanraj comes and asks Gargi what is wrong seeing her so tense. Gargi keeps on blabbering about the things that happened in her room while bleeding badly due to the cut under her feet. Gargi was almost about to take Yuvika’s name when Dj asked him to talk about it later.

Although she says she won’t go to that room, Dj asks her to calm down and says that whoever came to her room was a human and not some ghost since he has proof. Yuvika listens to their conversation. Dj shows Gargi tha footprint in Gargi’s room and tells her that ghosts don’t leave footprints but only humans do.

Koyel dresses Gargi’s wound. Dj says that there’s something that is very wrong in this house. He says that he saw a woman in the CCTV footage whose half face was burnt and this same person also kidnapped Yukti. According to him there must be someone who knows their secret and hence is threatening them with being ghosts.

Next day Dj doubts whether Bhoomi is pretending to be sick and doing all these things with them. To check he brings a doctor and gives Bhoomi brain therapy so that she confesses the truth out of pain.

Bhoomi bears it all so that Dj doesn’t doubt her or Yukti. Rose stops Yuvika from entering Bhoomi’s room and stopping Dj for their benefit. Dj gets to know that Bhoomi is really sick so he leaves with the doctor.

In the next episode, Dj would be setting up a trap for Bhoomi and Yuvika so that he can catch Yuvika red handed. To know about DJs plan and how Yuvika fights Dj, keep watching Vanshaj and stay tuned to this space for more updates .