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Sab TV’s popular daily soap, Vanshaj, will show an interesting trail which will create an interesting drama. Yukti Multani will be invited in the dinner party in a grand hotel. As soon as she reach Yukti will questioned about her real identity by Dj and Gargi.

In the previous episode, Dj and Gargi both wait for Yukti Multani in the dinner table. They are all ready to break all the plan and drama of Yuvika to take the revenge. As soon as Yukti comes in the party, she becomes startled to see the lots of security. Dj starts a game through which he could able to unmusk Yutki Multani.

Yuvika is asked to accept the challenge so that they could start the game. Dj brings him in the middle and folds his hands with a piece of clothes. Dj has already spreaded some glasses on the floor and asks Arjun to walk on it. Arjun couldn’t decide what he should do.

Isha and Bhoomi born forbid Arjun to play this game since this is a trap. Arjun starts walking on the glasses and starts bleeding. Yuvika controls herself. Dj continues her insulting words towards Arjun. Meanwhile, Miraya handles the situation and helps him giving the direction.

In the next episodes we will come to see, Yukti Multani will be questioned about her real identity by Dj and Gargi. But Yuvika will try to be strong infront of her enemies.

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