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In the latest episode, the Mahajans come out in the lawn to celebrate the Holi party. Naira’s boyfriend waits in the lawn as the security incharge and wishes her Holi secretly. Dj checks the security cameras and he asks them to ensure that there must be retina scanners and no guest must enter the Holi party without getting their retinas scanned. He gives the photo of Yuvika’s eyes to the security personnel and asks him to sit at the retina scanner himself.

Yuvika decides to attend the holi party for Bhoomi. She opens her lens and goes to the washroom to wash her face. While in the washroom a housekeeper comes and asks if she can change the bedsheet to which Yukti agrees. As Yukti comes out, she sees that her lenses are not there. She panics and wonders how to go out without the lenses now.

On Srishti’s persuasion, Koyel brings some boxes of sweets for the Mahajans. She gives a box to Bhanu wishing him and saying that she has made it herself. Bhanu gets impressed and gives her his blessings. Later, as Srishti plays the same trick with Subhadra, she catches Koyel’s lie by seeing the tag of the sweet shop on the box. She mocks Koyel and Srishti for it.

Srishti looks for Yukti Multani in the party. Yuvika sits alone in her room and feels sorry for Bhoomi and wonders how to fulfil her mother’s wish. Rose tries to look for the lens in the laundry room and finds the broken lens box. Yukti requests Rose to arrange an extra pair of lense for her. Dj keeps waiting for the girl in the photo. To know if Yukti manages to meet Bhoomi and keep her wish, keep watching Vanshaj.