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Sab Tv recently launched a new show titled Vanshaj and as the name signifies it’s a fight for inheritance by the female lead Yuvika Premraj Mahajan, who’s a girl next door.

In the previous episodes we witnessed, Yuvika hears DJ speaking so low about her family and wants to leave the place. Bhoomi promises to take them back and they leave Rishikesh with their father’s ashes. They never planned to come back . Karthik’s mother proposes marriage to Karthik and Yuvika as Karthik got job offer to Canada. Bhoomi urges Yuvika to go ahead with the marriage.

Gargi plans something heinous against Yuvika’s family to stop them from returning back. Yuvika and her siblings gets surrounded by media and the news gets telecasted that Prem disappeared with the family after he raped a girl and made her forcefully abort. Yuvika gets shocked hearing it . Yuvika tells Bhoomi that she finally got the anger that acts as her driving force to do something as mentioned by her father.

She says that she’s going back to Delhi. DJ tells Gargi that he is the sole ruler of the Mahajan empire and he doesn’t like sharing. Yuvika tells that she’s Yuvika Mahajan and will claim her rights. At first her mother opposes but Yuvika convinces her. They all go to Delhi to live as Mahajans only to find the truth to clear their father’s name.

Gargi feels threatened by Bhoomi and her family’s comeback and wonders the reason behind it. DJ cheats on his wife Roohi with his girlfriend and Roohi is forced to be silent about the issue. Yuvika and DJ fight during welcome party and Yuvika gives a befitting reply to DJ angering him.

Later, Yuvika sets out to find the reporter to know about her father’s case as he investigated on the same. She bumps with her old buddy Neil but he leaves after helping her. Yuvika learns that someone from Mahajan is involved in framing his father and gets shocked.

In the future episodes we will witness, Yuvika will asks Dadababu to join business but all the seniors refuse saying that girls in their family doesn’t take over business. Yuvika feels upset

Will the Mahajans accept Yuvika and family as their own? Who will rightfully inherit the Mahajan empire? Will Yuvika find the culprit?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

Stay tuned for more details.