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Sab TV’s popular daily soap, Vanshaj, will show an interesting trail which will create an interesting drama. Dj will give the last proof to prove Yuvika’s real identity. He will the doctor to check her blue eyes, whether it’s real or not.

In the previous episode, the doctor confirms that Yukti’s eyes are real. Yukti changed her eyes colour for permanently from South Korea. Now Yukti gets back her power and position. Dj and Dhanraj are compelled to withdraw the cases. She clearly announces that she has dissolved the partnership of Yuvika and Dj. She also cancels the funding and the investment which she put in this project. Dj and his family are thunderstrucked listening this announcement.

Neil has started believe that this girl is Yuvika Multan but Isha is yet not confirmed because she doesn’t believe in any miracles.

In the next episodes we will come to see, Dj will plan to take the life of Yuvika again and will follow according his plan. One anonymous man will attack Yuvika in the midst of the night.

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Yukti Multani will be questioned about her real identity by Dj and Gargi. But Yuvika will try to be strong infront of her enemies.