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In the latest episode saw; Yuvika says to Neel that something definitely happened to Isha. She will definitely finds out what’s bothering her? Isha rushed out to meet Ajay. Yuvika followed her behind. DJ demanded the doctor to give 100% results to him. He is busy in creating a look-alike of Yuvika.

Ajay threatens Isha. Yuvika reached there to save Isha. Yuvika fights with Ajay. She reveals her identity to Isha. Yuvika attacks Ajay and saved Isha. Ajay asked the servant to reveal the photos and videos in the party. Yuvika alerts Neel and Arjun. She reached to the spot and destroyed the evidence. Isha apologized to her for her mistake.

In the upcoming episode viewers will see; Yuvika will teach a lesson to Ajay. Ajay threatens to reveal Isha’s video and photo to the internet. Yuvika gives a fitting reply to him. She assures Isha to save her.

What is DJ’s intention? Would she expose Yukti Multani’s truth? To know the answers to these questions keep watching Vanshaj