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Sab TV’s popular daily soap, Vanshaj, will show an interesting trail which will create an interesting drama. Dhanraj and others would get to know that someone tried to instigate Gargi and Koyel against ecah other.

In the previous episode, Dj and Gargi discover the planning of Yuvika which makes them flabbergasted, from the cctv footage. Gargi couldn’t believe her own eyes that Yukti Multani and Yuvika are the same person. One by one, they relate that it was Yukti who tried to destroy the relationship of Koyel and Dj. Dj challanges himself to take the revenge on his cousin Yuvika. Gargi behaves very sweetly with Yuvika. The latter asks Gargi whether she needs any help. Gargi wants to take the revenge very painlessly. Yuvika couldn’t understand the reason behind sweet behaviour of Gargi.

In the next episodes we will come to see, Yukti Multani will be invited in the dinner party in a grand hotel. As soon as she reach Yukti will questioned about her real identity by Dj and Gargi.

How Yukti will hide her plan from Dj?

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