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In the latest episode, the Mahajans are seen attending the rituals. Yukti finds Isha leaving the puja so she asks her the reason. Isha says that she doesn’t believe in all this nonsense. Yukti tries to make her understand that it’s not easy to gain trust neither of God’s nor human. She makes Isha perform the rituals. Yukti decides to seek her revenge from Dj and Gargi for whatever they did to her family.

Yukti makes Gargi lose her balance deliberately and saves her from falling into the fire of the puja. The Mahajan’s rushes to Gargi. They thank Yukti for saving Gargi. Yukti advises DJ not to get worried for simple things, too, then she wishes the Mahajan’s Happy Holi. Both Yukti and DJ stare at each other in a challenging way.

Neil notifies Yukti about her tear stained eyes. Yukti makes up an excuse, but Neil refuses to believe it, saying that she has to take care of her. Yukti argues with him. She also advises him to focus on Isha. Neil firmly states that he also always loves Isha’s sister Yuvika, and then he leaves from there. Yuvika gets upset.DJ tells Gargi that even he is suspicious of Yukti’s behaviour. He also decides not to spare Yukti if his suspicion turns real about her. Meanwhile, Srishti tells Koel that they should keep an eye on Yukti to find out the truth.

As Bhanu puts colours on all the Mahajan family like every year, Bhoomi refuses she says that Yuvika would do it this year like she always used to do. Dj tells Gargi that if Bhoomi’s words turn out to be true, he would apare Yuvika. In the next episode, Dj and his men would be seen surrounding Yukti for some reason. To know what Dj is upto, keep watching Vanshaj and stay tuned for more updates.