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Sab Tv recently launched a new show titled Vanshaj and as the name signifies it’s a fight for inheritance by the female lead Yuvika Premraj Mahajan, who’s a girl next door.

In the first episode we had a peek at the Mahajans and their enormous growth in their business. The legacy is passed to Digvijay Mahajan who’s a ruthless money minded tycoon. Unlike his grandfather,he has zero empathy and only worries about securing his throne. On the other hand, we get to witness a peak at Premraj Mahajan who is also a heir to the Mahajan group but lives a very normal life far away from richness with his beautiful family.

He has a beautiful life with his wife Bhoomi and two daughters and son. His eldest daughter Yuvika is nothing but a mess as she doesn’t have a proper focus on her life and career. However her enormous love for her father compensates for her shortcomings.

Her family always lands in trouble because of her irresponsible carefree attitude and zero problem solving skill. As things went smoothly, Premraj Mahajan comes across his old friend Dhruv who immediately identifies him as the long lost heir of Mahajan. Premraj tries his best to escape his eyes but in vain.

In the future episodes we will witness,Yuvika reads her birth certificate as Yuvika Premraj Mahajan and her birth place is mentioned as London . Yuvika confronts her father about it but Prem leaves without answering.

Her mother scolds her saying that it’s fake but Yuvika doesn’t let it go. Suddenly they hear a sound. Premraj falls down as he suffers a heart attack.

Will Yuvika find out that she’s a Mahajan heir? Will the Mahajans accept Yuvika and family as their own? Who will rightfully inherit the Mahajan empire?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

Stay tuned for more details.