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Sab Tv recently launched a new show titled Vanshaj and as the name signifies it’s a fight for inheritance by the female lead Yuvika Premraj Mahajan, who’s a girl next door.

In the previous episodes we witnessed, Gargi feels threatened by Bhoomi and her family’s comeback and wonders the reason behind it. DJ cheats on his wife Roohi with his girlfriend and Roohi is forced to be silent about the issue. Yuvika and DJ fight during welcome party and Yuvika gives a befitting reply to DJ angering him.

Later, Yuvika sets out to find the reporter to know about her father’s case as he investigated on the same. She bumps with her old buddy Neil but he leaves after helping her. Yuvika learns that someone from Mahajan is involved in framing his father and gets shocked.She plans for finding the truth by herself.

Dadababu decided to give Prem’s share to his children and proposed the same in board meeting. DJ, Gargi and Dhanraj flop it by voting against it. Dadababu felt backstabbed. DJ ignores an important deal as he was busy celebrating his victory with his girlfriend.

Dadi forbids Yuvika from joining business as it’s against their tradition. Neil advises Yuvika to fight for what she wants as no one would help her. Neil says Yuvika that she needs to fight for herself to get what she want.

Dhanraj lashes out at DJ for ignoring such an important deal and Yuvika eavesdrop their conversation. She thinks that the deal would take her much closer to her father’s secret and she needs to crack it for sure.

In the future episodes we will witness, Yuvika decides to go to the art gallery to meet Mr. Gupta. Dadi asks Bhoomi where Yuvika and Bhoomi says she might be in her room. Dadi mockingly asks her if she doesn’t know that Yuvika asked for a job from Dadababu last night.

Bhoomi angrily comes to Yuvika who’s about to leave and lashes out at her for asking for a job from Dadababu. Yuvika tries leaving but Bhoomi says with finality that she won’t go anywhere.

Will the Mahajans accept Yuvika and family as their own? Who will rightfully inherit the Mahajan empire? Will Yuvika find the culprit?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

Stay tuned for more details.