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In the latest episode saw; Dj Gained his consciousness. Gargi smiles at him. They finds out Yuvika’s truth. Gargi and Danraj shows their fake concern to Yukti. She will steal DJ’s report. She shares her doubts with Neil. Neil says that he don’t think that DJ is acting. Yukti asks the doctor to confirm whether DJ is in coma or not? DJ meet Koyel and her mother.

He reveals to them about Yuvika’s truth. He says that he is going to torture Yuvika without giving hint to her that he is behind it all. He says that he will snatch Yuvika’s identity from her. Roohi helps Gargi to get close with UJ. Yuvika abducted by DJ. She will be shocked to see her look alike there. She hugs Boomi. She shouts from inside the screen that it’s not her. It’s turned out to be her dreams. DJ plots against Yuvika.

In the upcoming episode viewers will see; Yuvika will learn from Neil that Isha acted weirdly on that night . She looks scared. Yuvika says to him that something definitely happened to her. She will definitely finds out what’s bothering her?

What is Guru MA’s intention? Would she expose Yukti Multani’s truth? To know the answers to these questions keep watching Vanshaj