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In the latest episode Dj waits for Yuvika at the Mahajan house after setting up a trap for her in the entire house. Suddenly he gets to hear a laughter so he asks who it is. He asks the person to show up if she has guts and gives her an open challenge.Dj asks how many more tricks she would play. He asks Dj to come out and confess but he won’t hurt her and let her go.

Miraya drops a note for Arjun outside the mandir. He reads it and says that Nikhil has been kidnapped by Gargi and he needs to be saved. She requests Arjun to save her and help her run away from here.

The Mahajan house lights start flickering again and Dj hears the laughter. He gets to see Yuvika walking upstairs. He sees Yuvika’s burnt face who asks him to confess what he did to her so that she might feel sorry for him. Dj says that it’s better to kill her then confess things in front of her. He points the gun at her and pulls the trigger. The bullet hits a light and it goes off. Yuvika laughs loudly and says he can not kill her since she is already dead.

Yuvika decides to leave before Dj catches her. She tries to leave the house but due to the invisible human detector wires she bruises her leg. She tries to find a way out but gets trapped from all sides and as she touches a door, an alarm starts to ring. Dj realises that Yuvika has been caught in his trap. Will Dj finally get to meet Yuvika? Would he kill her now? Would Yuvika lose all her hard work in just a minute? To know the answers to these questions keep watching Vanshaj and stay tuned to this space.