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Sab TV’s popular daily soap, Vanshaj, will show an interesting trail which will create an interesting drama. Gargi will try to compete with Shrishti so that she could able to prove herself best in every matter. But Yukti and Bhoomi will plan to destroy the career of Dj. In the engagement party, Dj and Gargi will dance together. Yukti will make Koyel instigated against Gargi. Feeling jealous, Koyel will try to be with Dj which will cause a chaos in the engagement party.

In the previous episode, Shristi becomes amazed witnessing the financing power of Gargi since she has gifted a big diamond to her daughter in her engagment. She decides to keep a good relationship with Gargi so that they could get more favour from Gargi.

Yuvika expresses her false personal grief to instigate her mind against Dj. Though Koyel doesn’t understand her conspiracy but she starts to dislike the bonding between Dj and Gargi. When Koyel discovers that Gargi and Dj are dancing together, she feels more jealous.

Yuvika whisper in her ears that she should take her position otherwise Gargi will overthrown her sooner or later. She also figures it out that Dj has been prioritising Koyel over Gargi. Koyel immediately intervens between their dance and starts fighting with Gargi.

In the next episodes we will come to see, Yuvika will disagree with Neel and Bhoomi to achieve her own goal. They will advise to take the path of honesty, but this time Yuvika will choose her own path.

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