Yeh RIshta Kya Kehelata Hai

Star plus one of the popular show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai seems to be gearing up for yet another drama with Vedika back and is apparently in some kind of trouble. In the upcoming episode, Karthik will leave early to meet Vedika at the hotel. Naira meanwhile will get to know from the servant that Karthik already left somewhere. She will think to go along to make Vedika understand better and see that Karthik has forgotten his phone.

Karthik will reach Vedika’s room 677 and find it empty. Vedika will be trapped by a man in the opposite room. Hearing Karthik calling out her name, Vedika will try to signal him by hitting vase with her leg as her mouth will be covered by that man. She will cry out for Karthik in a muffled voice and ask the man to leave her. Karthik will get suspicious and about to knock 678 when he will hear the voice of man pretending to scold his son for playing football inside. Karthik will leave and Meet Naira in the lobby. He will tell her Vedika is missing. The unknown man will kidnap Vedika in a cart kept in a trolley.

They will decide to inform Manish and goes home. Before Karthik could tell them what happened Police will come there followed by Pallavi. She will tell them Karthik is responsible for Vedika’s disappearance and plays a call recording. Flashback will show while struggling with the man Vedika has accidentally dialed Pallavi number and she hear her shouting Karthik’s name. Pallavi will accuse Karthik and the family of not caring about Vedika. She will tell police Naira is the reason for Karthik’s motive. Police will arrest Karthik and tame him away. Manish and his brother will follow him to the police station.

To know more keep watching the show and stay tuned for updates.