Star Plus’s Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai is all set with a new twist! Where we last told you about the conundrum, now there is more confusion in the show. Audience have seen in the precap that in dargah bricks fall on Kaira( Played by Mohsin Khan and Shivangi Joshi) what will be its consequence its still unknown. Well we have a good news and a bad news for you Kaira fans!

Good news is that we know what will happen next. Bad news is that Naira is going to get hurt and would be admitted in the hospital. She will be needing a donor. From the pictures we have brought to you, it can be seen that Kartik is not that hurt and will be sitting by Naira throughout. Vedika(Played by Pankhuri Awasthy) who decided to not to go ahead with divorce from Kartik is now in more tension as the more she tried become a hurdle in between Kaira the more they are going closer.

What we hear next is going to twist things more. Yes, you heard it right! Now Vedika will demand few things for Kartik out of her irritation to see Kaira together after so much of her efforts. How will Kartik and the whole family will react to this side of Vedika is yet to watch!

With all the wedding drama and all the hurdles created by Vedika during the wedding rituals, now the story has taken a different turn. Where fans were excited to finally see their Kaira together , again they are left disheartened and hurt by the makers due to the introduction of such a track. 

What will happen to Kaira Vivah? And what next? We will surely bring you all the answers soon. Keep following us! Let us know your views on this. Keep buzzin!