The upcoming Mahaepisode is surely going to be important. Mr. Bajaj’s entry is going to make the episode very major. However, there will be couple of other scenes too which will make this Mahaepisode worth watching.

Veena will show her gratitude towards Mohini for understanding their children’s feelings. She thanks her for giving her consent and accepting Prerna as her daughter-in-law. But, Mohini is in denial mode for their relationship. She in low voice refuse to accept Prerna as her daughter-in-law. What turn of events her refusal will take will be disclosed in later episodes.

Audience will see a tense Anurag who will be busy thinking about how to make the payments. His real worry is how to make sure that supply of paper is not stopped. In between he is happy about his union with Prerna.

Later, in the show Shivani and Aryan will share romantic talk over phone. While talking Shivin will notice Ronit outside Basu house and will panic. She will will seek help from Anupam.

How come such a grand episode is complete without romantic sequence between leads. There will be a dream sequence in Mahaepisode. Prerna will dream a romantic dance with Anurag. She will see her and Anurag dancing on the romantic tunes from Bollywood.

Meanwhile, Mohini will show her real face. She will create a scene at Anurag and Prerna’s engagement disturbing the engagement ceremonies.

Crucial Point of episode:

At this point in the episodes there will be a grand entry of the most dreaded businessman, Mr. Bajaj (played by Karan Singh Grover). What will be turnout of this new entry, time will tell? As of we know his entry will twist the plot 180 degrees.

Do watch the coming episode and let us know your opinion about this upcoming grand episode. Keep reading this space. Let’s Get Bizzin!!



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