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Vijay TV’s popular show Kaatrukkenna Veli is gearing up for more drama in the show with love blossoming between Surya and Vennila.

In the current track it’s shown that Saradha gets annoyed with Mahadevan, who listens to the loud music sitting outside of her house. Saradha requests Mahadevan to stop all this and go back to Chennai as the neighbor may start gossiping about this. Mahadevan refuses to leave with Saradha. However Saradha stays firm in her decision of not returning to Chennai.

Meanwhile Madhavan suddenly shows concern for Soumiya shocking everyone. He asks her not to cook and order food online going against his parents. When Maragadam scolds Soumiya, Mahadevan defends her. Madhavan parents complains that he’s wasting money ordering food online. After a while, Rupa delivers the food to Madhavan’s house. Madhavan’s parents enquire Rupa about food delivery job. Vennila gets surprised seeing Rupa there and introduces Rupa and Soumiya to each other. Maragadam insults Vennila in front of Rupa saying Vennila also wanted to deliver food as a part time job and asks if she left the house to do such low work. Madhavan tells that no work is inferior.

Surya tries to convince Meenakshi. He assures Meenakshi that she’s important for him and he will never let her down for anyone. He says that he won’t do anything without telling to her and adds that he wants to meet Saradha to apologize to her shocking Meenakshi.

In the upcoming episode, Surya will be going somewhere with his colleague while Vennila will be going with Rupa for class. Vennila and Surya will come across. They will share a smile and walk away. Later both will come running to talk something important to each other.

What Surya and Vennila want to tell each other? What Madhavan is upto?

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