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Zee Tamil’s recently aired daily soap Vidya No 1 is gearing up for more drama with Chandramohan taking a shocking decision.

In the previous episode it was seen that Nila and Selvam arrived at Vedavalli’s house. chandramohan invited them in while Vedavalli didn’t pay any attention to them. She thought that Vidya might have come with them, but she would be standing outside. Vedavalli went to find her. She came back not finding Vidya. Meanwhile Vidya and Sanjay were hiding. Vidya phoned Selvam and told him to not talk about anything related to Sanjay as Vedavalli didn’t know that Sanjay is staying at Suryaprakash’s house. Selvam agreed. Chandramohan offered money to Selvam and Nila to use for Vidya’s wedding. Selam refused to take it while Nila wanted that money. Nila asked Chandramohan if he cared so much for Vidya, why he doesn’t get her married to his son. Vedavalli lost her temper on hearing this. She humiliated Selvam and Nila.

In today’s episode it’s seen that Selvam reminds Vedavalli that she achieved this heights in her professional career because of Paarvati’s help. He calls Vedavalli and Chandramohan ungrateful. Selvam leaves taking Nila. Later Vedavalli and Chandramohan get into an heated argument. Chandramohan firmly says that he will get Vidya married shocking Vedavalli and the family. Chandramohan remembers Nila’s words and decides to get Vidya married to Sanjay. He expresses the same to Parvathi’s photo and vows to fulfill it any cost. Sneha gets shocked overhearing this. Later she phones her mother and informs the same.

What will happen next? What Vedavalli do knowing Chandramohan’s decision?

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