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Zee Tamil’s recently aired daily soap Vidya No 1 is currently showing Sanjay to decide to meet Suryaprakash without Vedavalli’s knowledge to get Suryaprakash’s land for his business.

In the previous episode it was seen that Vidya’s aunt rebuked Vidya for making them wait outside their own house. Vidya said that the she left the key above the door and informed her cousin about it. However Vidya’s cousin lied that that Vidya didn’t tell her anything like that. Vidya’s aunt scolded Vidya more. Vidya got sad and recalled how Manikam left to Dubai asking her uncle to look after Vidya and Lakshmi and how her aunt refused to keep them with her. Sanjay lied toVedavalli and left to meet Suryaprakash. Vidya reassured Suryaprakash that she will reconcile him with Chnadramohan and Vedavalli anyhow. Vidya strongly believed that God will send someone to help her.

In today’s episode it’s seen that Sanjay enquires a man about the transport available to reach his grandpa’s village and learns that there’s not much transport facilities except the mini truck used to bring the village people to the market and take them back. Sanjay bribes the truck driver to take him alone to the village. The driver agrees, but Vidya stops them before they can drive off. Vidya threatens the driver to complain to Suryaprakash. The driver gets scared and returns Sanjay hisoney. Sanjay travels along with Vidya and the villagers. After reaching village, Sanjay slips and falls down while getting down from the truck. Vidya tries to help him, but she also falls over him.

Will Vidya find out he’s her childhood friend, Sanjay? How she will react knowing this?

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