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Episode starts with Warren capturing Baxi and then goes to burn the house inside which Kalyani was sleeping. Baxi tries to free himself but gets unsuccessful. He shouts Kalyani’s name and becomes worried for her, while Warren sets the house on fire. Baxi gets shocked seeing it and threatens to kill Warren. Baxi rebukes the Britishers and determines to win the fight when Warren orders his soldiers to shoot him. The soldiers points gun at Baxi and was about to shoot when Kalyani comes there and throws stone at them, saving Baxi. Jagabandhu gets relieved seeing her alive, while she screams at Warren and tells him to bear the consequences.

Here, Warren gets angry at Kalyani and aims gun towards her. Baxi scolds Warren and gets rid of the soldiers holding him. He snatches Warren’s gun and points at him. He threatens to kill him and makes the soldiers lower their gun. He captivate Warren and moves away from there along with Kalyani. Meanwhile, they throws Warren towards his soldiers and runs away.

Baxi checks Kalyani and shows his concern towards her. He notify about his fear of losing her and says that he wants to live his life along with her. She assures him that she is fine and ask to look forward to the matter. At that time Bahubali comes there and questions th of they are fine? He shows his concern towards them and says that he learns about the attack on them.

Elsewhere, the British soldiers arrests Maharaja Mukund along with his other peoples and notify Warren about it. Whereas, latter gets shocked seeing all the happenings. Meanwhile, Baxi decides to notify Maharaja Mukund about the matter so that he won’t get stressed seeing the situation. He tells that Warren is afraid after seeing their rebel and wants to scare them.

Kalyani questions Baxi that how they will apprise Maharaja about the matter as he is in Warren’s capture, to which Baxi thinks about a plan. Jagabandhu and Bahubali goes inside the palace of Maharaja Mukund. The guards stops them and ask about their purpose of visit. Bahubali lies that they came to serve food to them along with Maharaja, to which the guards ask them to reveal their faces.

Ahead, Baxi and Bahubali removes the clothe from their face, while guards gets alert seeing them. Baxi fights with the guards along with his friend and goes inside to meet the Maharaja. He explains them about the situation and ask him to stay strong as soon they will win against the Britishers, to which Maharaja assures him and tells that he have a the faith upon Baxi. Meanwhile, Jagabandhu and Bahubali immediately leaves from there.

Warren gets inside the Rodang palace and confronts them about the weapons. Subarna stands against the Britishers and says that they don’t have any weapons. Whereas, Gadadhar comes forward and starts his acting. He defends his family and argues with Warren, while latter warns to kill him. Radha gets into turmoil, to where give the weapons or save it. She takes Subarna inside the room and notify her about the weapons.

Further, Subarna advice Radha to keep the weapons safely and states that she will be proud to sacrifice her son for her country. Whereas, Radha imagines Kalyani there, taunting her for not doing any work successfully. Gadadhar tries to emotional blackmail Radha, but she stays firm on her statement and notify that they have shifted the weapon to some other place. At that time the soldiers comes there along with the hidden weapons, while Warren gets furious at Radha and proclaims to seal the palace.

Precap:- Subarna gets angry at Gadadhar after learning about his betrayal. She holds the sword and threatens him while he replies her back. He confesses his crime, while Kalyani gets shocked hearing it. At that time Baxi also comes there and declares a fight in between them. He proclaims that no one can save Gadadhar from him.

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Vidrohi 26th February 2022 Written Update: Banthara brings Gadadhar inside the palace