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Episode starts with Gadadhar taunting Baxi and ask them to leave from the palace. He also mocks his family for trying to fight against the Britishers, stating that they couldn’t even able to get the temple back. He makes fun of Baxi and then mocks his mother. He orders them to leave, while Subarna gets furious at him and was about to slap him, but Baxi stops her. He comforts Subarna and ask her not to waste her energy on Gadadhar. He declares that they will give him a reply on the correct time. He holds Subarna and walks out of the palace, followed by Kalyani, Radhamani and Banthara. Whereas, Tilottama feels disgusted seeing Gadadhar’s true face.

Here, Tilottama gets inside her room and decides to leave the palace along with Baxi. She was about to pack her stuffs when Gadadhar comes there and gets hold of her. She ask him to leave her stating that she wants to go, but he denies to let her free. He states that he needs a maid for Amba and him, where latter also comes there. She smirks and ask Tilottama that she can stay in her room, as they will shift to Baxi and Radhamani’s room.

Kalyani looks after Subarna and makes him drink water. They walks inside the jungle and feels exhausted. Subarna praises Kalyani and says that even after being a princess, she can survive anywhere. Kalyani tells her about how her father trained her for being a soldier.

Elsewhere, Kalyani gets worried about Radha seeing her health getting affected. She goes to give water to Radha while Banthara scolds her and blames her for Radhamani’s condition. Subarna takes stand for Kalyani and ask Banthara not to blame her.

Kalyani feels regret seeing Radha’s state and accuses herself. She shares her worry with Subarna stating that how Radha can survive inside the jungle in her situation, to which Subarna shows confidence on her and ask Kalyani not to worry. She declares that Radha can surely fight for her child and states that she is strong.

Ahead, the villagers shows their respect towards Baxi and insists him to stay with them. Bahubali encourages Baxi and says that everyone is impressed with Baxi’s rebel initiative. Whereas, a small boy says that they will also get killed if they allows Baxi to live with them and tells about the other villagers story. His father stops him and says that nothing will happen to them when Baxi will be there, but latter gets concerned for them and denies their offer.

Warren and Gadadhar celebrates their victory, while latter says that they should have to be careful from Baxi’s sharp mind. They plans to abduct his family and kill Radhamani to distract Baxi. Whereas, Bahubali hears their conversation secretly, but Gadadhar sees him and orders the guard to catch him. Bahubali gets successful in escaping from there, while Warren assures Gadadhar stating that his soldiers are already on their mission. Whereas, Bahubali notify Baxi about the plan and they both rushes tk rescue their family.

Further, Kalyani fights with the soldiers to protect Radha but a man hits her from behind making her fall unconscious. The soldiers kidnaps them and brings inside the palace, while Warren laughs looking at them and tells their plan of killing Radhamani. Baxi finds a letter in which Warren threatens to kill his family. Whereas, Gadadhar sets a ploy to kill Radha and goes out of the room leaving her with few minutes to die. She scolds him but he goes away paying no heeds to her.

Precap:- Baxi and Kalyani goes on a mission to fight against the Britishers. Radhamani prays for them, while Subarna appreciates her. At that time Radha gets into the labour. Whereas, Warren catches Kalyani and the guards brings a man with face being covered telling him to be Baxi. Warren threatens to kill both of them, while Kalyani gets scared as they points gun at Baxi.

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