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Episode starts with Baxi trying to find the documents of deal in between Badamba Naresh and the Britishers. He finds the papers, while Kalyani and Radha also comes there. Radha insists Baxi to burn the papers along with Kalyani and ask them to always be with eachother. She keeps a condition for them to protect one another, while they gets elated and promises her. Meanwhile, Baxi faces Radha and apologises to her for his mistakes. He says that he should have to be with her during her pregnancy phase, but regrets for not giving her time. She gets emotional and assures him that she will be fine. She encourages him to focus on his mission, while Bahubali states that Britishers will get a shock after seeing the documents of partnership between them and Badamba being destroyed.

Here, Baxi tells that they have to free Puri also to give a shock to the Britishers. He takes an oath to save Puri from the Britishers and states that only after that he will return back to his home. Whereas, Kalyani also takes pledge along with him. Meanwhile, Radha also takes an oath to treat the Paika’s who gets injured in the battle.

Radha returns back to the palace and shows women’s how to treat their injured husbands. She helps the soldiers, while Banthara and Subarna gets impressed with her. Whereas, she gets a letter from Baxi, who notify her that they are proceeding to free the temple in the Puri.

Elsewhere, Baxi also gets a letter in which Britishers have mentioned that of anyone will help Baxi or any soldier then they will get punished. Kalyani gets worried while Baxi assures that they will surely win against the Britishers.

Baxi ask Kalyani to lead the Paika soldiers about their plan. She gets elated and explain them how they will get inside the office to get the keys of the temple. Whereas, Radha prays for Baxi and Kalyani’s safety. At that time she gets labour pain and is taken inside the room with the help of the servants.

Ahead, Warren have a conversation with Gadadhar and Amba. He shows his gratitude towards them for helping him in defeating Baxi. At that time a villager comes to meet him and notify about Baxi’s plan to get the keys. Warren questions that why the man is helping them and betraying Baxi? To which latter replies that he wants to assure his family’s safety and so he can’t trust Baxi for that.

Kalyani searches for the key, when Warren comes there and arrests her. He says that their own people have betrayed them. Whereas, British soldiers brings a man stating him to be Baxi. Warren laughs thinking that he get successful in stopping Baxi but gets shocked after removing the clothe from his face. He sees Bahubali instead of Baxi and gets furious, while Kalyani smirks revealing about their plan. They arrested Warren, making him mad.

Further, Baxi frees Maharaja Mukund. Whereas, Radhamani delivers a baby boy. She wishes Baxi to come and see his son. Whereas, Warren gets mad learning about his defeat and doesn’t get any help from the Britishers. Meanwhile, Baxi performs the Puja along with his family and then gets emotional upon seeing his son.

Precap:- Warren gets shocked seeing his soldiers being dead. At that time Baxi confronts him and threatens to kill him. Meanwhile, Gadadhar takes Kalyani and Radhamani into captive and fills the room with gunpowder to kill them. Warren notify about it to Baxi and smirks stating that soon they are going to die. Meanwhile, Subarna points fun at Gadadhar and proclaims to kill him.

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Vidrohi 3rd March 2022 Written Update: Baxi saves Kalyani from poisonous room