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Episode starts with Baxi getting emotional after holding his son. He shows his gratitude towards the God and prays for him. He promises to raise his son in a free Rodang. Whereas, Radhamani ask the priest to bless her son and declares Kalyani to be his godmother. She ask Kalyani to teach all the skill to her son, while latter happily agress. Whereas, at that time a soldier comes and notify about the demise of Bahubali while fighting against the Britishers. Baxi along with his family gets shocked learning about it and grieve for his death. Whereas, Maharaja Mukund give permission to Baxi for doing anything to free Rodang from the Britishers.

Here, Baxi furiously goes to confront Warren. He plans to get the British soldiers unconscious by spiking their tea and gets successful in his plan. He goes inside their office and faces Warren. He threatens him and ask to sign the papers of peace in between them.

Kalyani goes to fight against Gadadhar and Amba. She gets shocked seeing Radha being kidnapped by Gadadhar, while he smirks and says that he will use both of them against Baxi. He ties both Kalyani and Radhamani, whereas Amba notify about the whole place filled with gunpowder. She tells that the whole palace will burnout of they lits the fire.

Elsewhere, Gadadhar threatens to kill both Kalyani and Radhamani. Whereas, Warren tells about it to Baxi and blackmails him. He says only he can save Baxi’s wifes as Gadadhar will only listen to him, while Baxi closes hos eyes and remembers his moments with Kalyani. Meanwhile, Subarna along with Tilottama visits the place where Gadadhar have kept Radha and Kalyani as captive.

Subarna points gun at Gadadhar and warns him to leave them. He laughs making fun of her and says that she can never be able to kill him. He sees her shivering hands and ask her to leave from there. He smirks stating that no one can stop him from fulfilling their plan and expresses his grudge for Baxi.

Ahead, Baxi denies to free Warren and threatens to burn him alive. Warren gets scared and agrees to sign the contract papers. Meanwhile, Subarna shoots Gadadhar, killing him dead. Whereas, Tilottama along with Amba gets shocked and breaksdown. Subarna remembers her moments with Gadadhar and states that his deeds lead him to death.

Baxi returns back and gets shocked seeing the dead body of Gadadhar. Subarna states that his evil intentions ruined his life. She also gets Amba insists the prison, while Tilottama cries expressing her pain. Subarna consoles her and ask to adopt Gadadhar and Amba’s child Hari, to which latter says that she isn’t her blood. Subarna gives her example of Gadadhar and says that even she have adopted him and ask her to give good upbringing to Hari.

Further, the Britishers tried hard for years but couldn’t able to find Baxi Jagabandhu. They even fails to rule Orissa and agreed to follow Baxi’s conditions. Whereas, major Geoffrey gets fired from his position and Paika soldiers were considered to be the first rebel who fought against the Britishers.

The end.

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Vidrohi 4th March 2022 Written Update: Warren gets mad at Baxi