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Episode starts with Baxi assuring Badamba Naresh that he will always take care of Kalyani. Whereas, Badamba ask him to marry Kalyani. Both, Baxi and Kalyani gets shocked hearing his request. Badamba states that he don’t have much time to live and pleads Baxi to fulfill his last request. He says that he just want safety of his daughter and declares that he only trusts Baxi. Whereas, Baxi reminds him that he is already married to Radha.

Here, Baxi joins his hands in front of Badamba Naresh and denies his request. He says that there is such law that one can marry twice for making alliance with other kingdom, but declares that he can’t do that as he only loves his wife Radha. He says he can never accept anyone else in there life and by marrying Kalyani he will only destroy three lifes.

Radha feels restless and tries to calm herself. Subarna comes to her while she shares her problem and shows her worry about the attack on Badamba Kingdom. Subarna assures her that everything will be fine and encourages her to be strong. Radha keeps feeling restless and goes to walk. She says that she is getting negative feeling, as if someone is trying to separate Baxi from her. She walks and then suddenly gets unconscious.

Elsewhere, Badamba Naresh shares his tension with Baxi stating that Kalyani doesn’t have anyone else to look after her. Baxi states that he can even help her without wedding. To which Badamba reminds him that what people will name their relationship, if Baxi helps Kalyani without any marriage.

Meanwhile, Kalyani comes there and stops Badamba to force Baxi. She says that even she doesn’t want to marry him and requests Badamba to get well soon. Badamba pleads Baxi by holding his hands, while Kalyani ask him not to do so. She says that Mohan and Badamba are enough for her. She assures her father and ask him to take rest.

Ahead, Baxi goes out of the room and thinks about Radha. He says that he can never betray her. Means, Kalyani also goes out and thinks about her decision. She says that she have rarely seen love in between any couple like Baxi and Kalyani. She says that she can never come in between them, but then feels something wrong regarding her decision.

Baxi gets into turmoil and keeps thinking, while a man comes there and advice him to visit a temple nearby as it shows path to the visitors. Baxi was about to look at that man, but he vanishes in the thin air. Baxi gets suprised and found a feather of peacock. At that time someone notify him about worsening of Badamba’s health.

Further, Radha wakes up in her bed while Subarna says that Radha lives Baxi so much that she got sick worrying about him. She ask Radha to get fine soon as Baxi won’t like it to see her ill.

Kalyani and Baxi both comes to Badamba. Baxi gets worried for him and ask to fight. Badamba says that he can’t trust anyone else with his kingdom and daughter. He again request Baxi to marry Kalyani and says that by doing so he can even help the people of Badamba. Baxi looks on, while Kalyani comes there and agrees to marry him. Baxi gets shocked hearing Kalyani’s statement.

Precap:- Baxi scolds Kalyani for being selfish, to which she says that she can do anything for her father and kingdom. Meanwhile, Radha gets anxious and ask to bring Baxi as soon as possible. Later, Kalyani ask Baxi to promise that Badamba will also be his priority, just like his kingdom.

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