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Episode starts with Kalyani agreeing to marry Baxi in front of Badamba and then moves out of the room, Baxi gets shocked and follows her out. He faces her and scolds her for being selfish. He states that he can never love anyone else other then his wife Radha and questions Kalyani that why she took the decision herself without discussing it with him? He keeps shouting at her, while she replies that what all she is sacrificing, just to fulfill her father’s wish as it will give freedom to the people of their kingdom. She states that she doesn’t need anything else rather then safety of her brother and father.

Here, Radha gets restless and keeps demanding to meet Baxi. Subarna and Amba tries to make her understand and calms her. But, she states that she can feel something bad happening, which is trying to distant Baxi from her. She proclaims that she can feel it, while Subarna says that it is just her imagination and ask her to take rest.

Kalyani says that she will lose her freedom and is ready to marry a man whom she know won’t love her back. She states that she is doing all this for her people’s safety and declares that she herself doesn’t want to come in between Radha and Baxi. Meanwhile, he thinks about the words where he decided to protect his people at any cost. He understands Kalyani and then without any other choice agrees to marry her.

Elsewhere, Baxi makes it clear to Kalyani that he can never love her as his only priority will be Radha. She nods understanding him and ask him to make a promise that he will treat Badamba Kingdom equally as his own kingdom. He gives his words to her and both gets inside to see Badamba Naresh.

Baxi notify Badamba Naresh about their decision to marry one another, while latter gets elated. He says that they both are unwillingly marrying each other for the sake of their people and declares that people will always remember their sacrifice.

Ahead, Baxi remembers Radha and gets flashes of their happy moments together. Meanwhile, Radhamani also remembers him and cries. She becomes shattered missing him and then takes his clothes and holds it tightly. Both looks sad without each other.

The priest gives wedding card of Kalyani and Baxi to the God and ask both of them to come forward to invite God in their marriage. They both prays to God, while Badamba prays for Kalyani’s happiness. He also feels bad for Radha and apologises to her inside his mind. The priest ask them tk get ready for the marriage, while everyone gets elated except Kalyani and Baxi.

Further, the people starts making Kalyani and Baxi gets ready for their marriage, while Baxi keeps remembering Radha. Meanwhile, Subarna also ask Radha to look after oneself, but latter says that she is nothing without Baxi and keeps waiting for him. The people performs all the rituals for the marriage and makes Baxi and Kalyani ready.

Precap:- Kalyani and Baxi marries eachother, while Radha comes there and Baci gets shocked seeing her.

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Vidrohi 8th November 2021 Written Update: Radha gets restless worrying about Baxi