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The peculiar twist in the tale of Star Plus popular daily soap “Vidrohi” is enthralling the audiences. Baxi is back to the palace and have managed to save Kalyani along with his family. Will Kalyani and Baxi together be able to fight against Bheem and Geoffrey or will Gadadhar also joins them to create more problems?

In the earlier episode, Kalyani gets fascinated by learning about Tilottama’s culture and misses Baxi. She also writes a message on the kite and flies it away as instructed by Tilottama to get her wish fulfilled. Meanwhile, Subarna gets furious when guards stops her from moving in her own palace.

Here, Subarna doubts Bheem for his bad intentions and shares her worry with Kalyani. Banthara notify them about the letter which Bheem sended to someone, while latter gets a plan to know about the letter.

Kalyani goes inside Bheem’s room with the food plate. Whereas, she sees the papers where he have written the letter and manages to the paper. She throws it towards Subarna, when Bheem ask her to stop. He makes her eat the food which makes her dizzy and she gets unconscious.

Ahead, Subarna gets shocked finding about Bheem’s motive to send Kalyani to Major Geoffrey. She confronts Bheem and ask about Kalyani upon not finding her. But, the guards comes forward and takes the sword away from Subarna.

Geoffrey meets Kalyani and shows his anger because of her marriage with Baxi. He states that he won’t let her be with anyone else and goes away from there. Meanwhile, Baxi receives the kite and worries about his family. He decides to go back to Rodang.

Later, Baxi saves Kalyani by fighting against the British soldiers. Whereas, Baxi’s soldiers saves Subarna and others from the captive of Bheem. Further, Baxi reaches his palace carrying an unconscious Kalyani, while Banthara gets furious seeing it.

Now in the upcoming episode, Kalyani will act weird upon getting conscious. She will giggle seeing Baxi and questions that if he saved her the same way as a prince rescues his princess? She will become romantic with him, while he gets nervous. He will ask her to rest and starts going away, but she stops him and drags him near her. She will get adamant to talk to him and both gets close to one another.

Will Baxi realise his feelings towards Kalyani?
Will Geoffrey again creates problems in Kalyani’s life?
Will Baxi be able to prove Kalyani innocent?

It would be interesting to see what happens next on the show.

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