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The gripping storyline of Star Plus popular daily soap Vidrohi, filled with twist and plots; makes it engaging to the audiences.

In the earlier episode, Warren tries to kill Kalyani by burning her alive inside the house while Baxi couldn’t able to stop him. Warren points gun at Baxi in order to kill him also, but Kalyani comes there and saves her husband. She threatens Warren, while Baxi snatches the gun from him and escapes from there along with Kalyani.

Here, Baxi shows his concern towards his wife and says that he wants to live his life along with her. She assures him that she is fine and reminds about their motive to win the fight against the Britishers. Meanwhile, Bahubali also meets Baxi and notify about Maharaja Mukund being in captive of Warren.

Baxi along with Bahubali goes to meet Maharaja and fights with the soldiers to reach there. They notify Maharaja about the fight and says that they will surely win. He ask the king to stay strong, while latter shows his trust upon Baxi and assures that he won’t breakdown.

Ahead, Warren gets inside Rodang palace and confronts Radha and Subarna about the weapons. Subarna determines to fight against them and says that they don’t know about the weapons, while Gadadhar comes forward and starts his acting.

Gadadhar stands against Warren to gain trust of his family and emotionally blackmails Radha to give the weapons to Warren, whereas latter threatens to kill Gadadhar. Meanwhile, Radha apprises Subarna about the guns and ask for suggestion, while latter denies to give the weapons to the Britishers.

Later, Radha gets into dilemma regarding her decision. She also imagines Kalyani taunting her, meanwhile she confronts Warren and lies that they have transferred the weapons to some other place. Whereas, the soldiers found the weapons making Radha shocked. Meanwhile, Warren seals the palace being furious at Radha.

Now in the upcoming episode, Subarna will get angry at Gadadhar after learning about his betrayal. She will hold the sword and threatens him while he replies her back. He will confesse his crime, while Kalyani gets shocked hearing it. At that time Baxi will also come there and declares a fight in between them. He will proclaim that no one can save Gadadhar from him.

Will Baxi be able to save his family?
Will Baxi win the fight against the Britishers?

It would be interesting to see what happens next on the show.

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