Starring Meera Deosthale and Namish Taneja in the lead, Mahesh Pandey ‘Vidya’ premiered on 9th September 2019.

The show is a social drama and the plot of the story focuses on ‘Vidya’, who is illiterate but she was forced to take a job of teaching English in a small village school.

Summary of the story so far: Vidya, is a widow of a martyr Ram Singh who is offered a job of teaching English in the school. Show story starts with Vidya praying to God to fulfill her wishes. Postman enters and informs to Vidya’s family that Vidya is appointed as English teacher in the school.

The news disturbed Vidya and she recalls her childhood, as how her father didn’t allowed her to go to school and asked her to help her mother in the household works. Vidya cries thinking she is illiterate and can’t play with the future of the students who will be dependent on her. Later, Vidya’s in-laws force her to take the job. Vidya decides to take the offer for the sake of her family.

Review: The show has the potential to break the stereotypes on the education system of the country. Teaching is a big responsibility and Vidya knows her capability and is well aware that she is uneducated but in spite of that Avtaar forced her to take the offer. Vidya agrees to join the school. And it will be interesting to watch what more will happen when Vidya will give her first appearance in the school as a teacher.

The content of the story is fresh and knowledge based. So, far the story plot is building well and what more twist and turns will come, we have to wait for the episodes to unfold. The makers of the show have released several promos and in the promo Meera Deosthale as a teacher is a perfect choice for Vidya. In a role of nervous, illiterate teacher, Meera is bringing life to the character.

Viday’s life will take a turn after she will join the school. Girl will get an opportunity to educate herself now how Vidya will deal with this situation, it will be watch worthy.

If you love watching social dramas than Colors TV ‘VIDYA’ is for you. The show telecasts mon-fri at 7pm only on Colors channel.

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