Voice artist and actor Vijay Vikram Singh shares an exclusive talk about his upcoming project, Bigg Boss new season and more..

1. What project are you busy with next?

Just finished a movie and a web series. Will start shooting for few more September onwards

2. Throw some light on your character please ?

Unfortunately can’t talk about anything at this point. But a very interesting line up and portrayals in the pipeline.

3. Are you looking forward to bigboss this year yet again?

I haven’t been approached yet, but would love to do it for sure

4. How different is every year of being a narrator of bigboss for you?

Not much. You wait for the call to come and then you just flow with it 😊

5. You are an actor and a voice over artist as well tell us which one do you enjoy more ?

Both have their unique challenges and I love doing both in equal measures. But acting is more challenging.

6. Who would u like to see be a part of bigboss this year ?

Since I am never part of the contestant selection, I would pass that. And I would like to take this opportunity and send out a message to everyone who message me on Instagram and Facebook that I HAVE NO ROLE IN SELECTION PROCESS AND HENCE NO IDEA HOW TO BE A PART OF THE SHOW.

7. Hows it to be one constant in the show and have so many absolutely drool over the voice..

People in the house drool over Bigg Boss Voice and I am the narrator. No one hears me inside. The audience hears my voice.

8. Any films in the offing?

Finished one last month.

9.  What all in the offing in the next 3 to 4 months for you?

The movie which I finished last month and a web series which wrapped up recently.