ITV’s two most successful stars are getting praises from the audience for flaunting their negative shade on-screen.

Gone are the days when good actors were only appreciated for their heroic act in the show or in the series. With the change of time; artists are looking for good concept of the story and character no-matter the shade is positive or negative. Actors have busted the protagonist bubble around them and they are now experimenting playing different shades on-screen. Artists realized that playing antagonist too can make them earn fame worldwide. Additionally, negative roles have more layers than protagonists. And such characters are giving actors a chance to explore themselves as an actor more. Thus, ITV two successful actors; Vishal Vashishtha and Sharad Malhotra have come out from the heroic zone and skipping the beat of the audience with their evilious shade. They both are playing antagonist in their respective shows and have proved, ‘Bad Boys’ can look good too!

Vishal Vashishtha:

Actor Vishal Vashishtha who is famous for his romantic appearance in the shows like; Ek Veer Ki Ardaas.. Veera, Ganga and Vish; is currently exploring negative character in Ishq Mein Marjawan 2.

Vishal is truly bringing the life to the character of Kabir. His ‘Sorry Riddhima’ won millions heart. And fans just can’t stop drooling over Vishal’s antagonist representation on the screen.

Coming to Sharad Malhotra;

Successful actor Sharad Malhorta has always played ‘protagonist’ on the screen. And in his current show too he is ‘the hero’ only. But for time being Sharad has been portrayed negative. His stint in Naagin 5 as ‘Veer’ is making the fans to skip their beat. He is freezing the screen with his evil moves or spoiled brat attitude. Fans just can’t resist themselves from praising the new shade of Sharad Malhotra.

Well, for us both the actors doing splendid job. But we would like to know from you amid Vishal and Sharad, which hunk is capturing your heart as ‘villain’?

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