The Jodi of Vivian Dsena and Rubina Dilaik as Harman and Saumya were uniquely different.

Saumya was a transgender but Harman fallen in love with her in spite of her identity. Harman always wanted to give a normal life to Saumya and he kept his promise till his last breath. He fought for her with his family and society and Saumya equally supported him in his efforts. But when it comes to romance Saumya was quiet hesitant.

Saumya always feared for her identity and tries to distance herself from Harman. But Harman was equally adamant. The more she try to distance herself from him the closer he gets to her. So here today we will take you down to the memory lane of one such similar Harman Saumya scene.

Scene starts with Harman saves Surbhi from Varun who was trying to forcefully marry her at the temple. He further confronts Saumya why she left him and the house. Saumya says to Harman that she left the house because of her own wish.

Further, Harman realizes his mistake and decides to bring back Saumya home. He was about to leave and gets surprised seeing Saumya standing at the doorstep. Less, he knew that she is back because, as per Preeto’s condition she can only return back to the house if she agrees for Harman and Surbhi’s marriage.

Later, Harman decorates room for Saumya and brings her to the room. He dances with her and Saumya shy. Harman confesses her love to Saumya and Saumya ask her to remarry, as everyone happiness lies in that. Harman ask Saumya to concentrate on the dance and rest thing they will discuss later. Check out the stills from this scene below!

This beautiful romantic dance of Harman and Saumya was drool worthy for their fans. Share with us your favorite Harman and Saumya moments in the comment section below.

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