Model turned actor Vivian Dsena is loved by millions. Since his first show, he has been followed everywhere by his fans. What makes him so special? His personality plays an important role behind him being so popular. He is another name of perfection personality wise. His persona as a model includes tall, handsome man with chiseled jawline. 

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Let’s begin with “tha” part of the article. When he started his career in Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani, nobody had seen a vampire so hot. Vivian easily slips into that role as because of his persona. Vampires are supposed to be very attractive, attractive enough to seduce. He was dangerous but enormously handsome. His facial features were sharp for any lady to fall in love with this vampire. Not surprising, every girl in India and outside dreamed of this vampire.

 Later, moving on he made quite a name for himself by portraying spoil brat in Madhubala as RK. RK was rude, inhuman at many levels and stubborn. However, nobody can deny that this  baddie was extremely hot. Currently, Vivian as Harman in Shakti is on the next level of hotness which concludes to “hai” part of this article. Vivian is a complete package of talent and personality. That is why, he is first choice of makers when they are looking for someone of that sort. 

Coming back to our title, the “rahega” part. Recently, there are many experimentation with #FaceApp trending on twitter about how one will look after he/she age. If it’s Vivian, the answer is simple and predictable. HOT. Every fan wonder how will he appear when he ages. Will he continue his hotness or will become dull? Well folks, Vivian will remain as hot as ever even in his ripe age. Check out!! 

Evidently, he will continue to steal our hearts in future too. Thanks to #FaceApp challenge, one get to experience how their hottie looks in matured age. May be, he should be given Bond 007 movies. 

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