Most probably all the loyal viewers of Ishq Mein Marjawan were not that delighted with the news of Tara’s death, Aalisha Panwar succeeded to give her the popularity any actress would desire, she proved through Tara how talented and skilled she was, she could master the role in a way that made us all attracted to Tara and searching behind her motives.

Now we are turning to a new twist where Aarohi, Deep are involved, seems there is no room for love in this sequence, Deep accuses Aarohi that she burnt the papers and documents he needed to establish a new college, she denies, she accuses Tara or Netra.

Upon knowing from Deep, Netra starts to search Tara’s room but she didn’t find anything, she went to Aarohi’s room where she found the papers, Aarohi was occupied meanwhile going after a biker who told her about Tara’s intention to kill her, Aarohi believes it is Netra’s man who wanted to distract to give way for Netra to search her room.

She returns home to find Netra in her room, they point guns at one another, but soon enough they, with draw the guns and start a hand fight, on the other hand Deep is immersed into his happiness with the diamonds he could get into his grasp, playing with the diamonds, Wasu asks where and how could you get those from, he says no one can fool me, Wasu sees him as a genius.

To her surprise Aarohi knows about the diamonds thing from Vasundhara who was surprised to find them with Deep, as a result a sword fight starts between Deep and Aarohi, will there be winner, will one of them finish the other, or are they just cracking each others bones and getting ready for a new battle.

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