Misha Kapoor has attracted lot of limelight since her birth. Not only she has one instagram account in age of few months, it’s quite active and have 3054 followers. Obviously, lilltle cutie doesn’t know the attention which she is receiving but what she knows is how to smile instantly in purest form, how to cherish warmth of her parents and how to melt millions of hearts in just one glare.

Just ShowBiz bring to you some candid pictures of Misha and we are absolutely loving her!!

First instance when we witness those little feets were ready to kick the whole world

When she interacted with whole world first time
Baby Misha wih Mumma

Oh My!! This is such a droolworthy picture with Alia Bhatt

Wish we can kiss her too. Mumma with her princess!!

Latest in the section, Misha enjoying attention!!