According to actor Sourabh Raaj Jain, men today are nothing without the love, care and affection from the women in the lives.

So this womens day, openly speaking up about the importance of the woman in his own life as well how essential womens day is, Sourabh shares,”With all honesty every day should be women’s day. We men are nothing without the love, care and affection that we get from the respective women in our lives. Be it a mother, wife, sister or daughter and even a friend. Ideally we should be acknowledging and appreciating their presence on a daily basis, but women’s day just becomes a day to make them feel more special and more loved in whichever way we can. So it definitely is an important day to remind all the women in our lives about how important they actually are!” 

” For me, my mother is the most important woman in my life. My existence is because of her ,and more so because I was also raised single handedly by her for most of my childhood, which makes my bond with her even more special.”