With the flash of news about two kids being adopted by Gurmeet Chaudhary and wife Debina Bonnerjee, we tried to contact new parents in tinsel town.

Here’s what Debina has to say, “There are two girls in the village of Jairampur in Bihar. We have adopted them and we are trying to give them a good lifestyle and good education and things like that. There are many deprived people in this world and when we give money to homes and other social causes, we really do not know where it goes. All does not happen infront of our eyes. So, in order to ensure that it is happening we have adopted them. If we can change the future of two people in the world, I think it will make alot of difference. We are trying to currently shift them to Patna and give them better lifestyle and better education”.

Congratulations to them. We hope both girls make you proud parents. For more updates, Let’s Get Buzzing!!