Parth Samthaan is loved for playing a characters like ‘Anurag Basu’ and ‘Manik Malhotra’. With his on-screen presence in these shows, Parth has grabbed audience attention. Hunk made an irreplaceable place in the heart of the fans with his acting chops, stylish aura and infectious smile. Samthaan’s one glimpse is enough for his fans to adore and trend the sexy hunk. Last day, Parth took his social media and went live on instagram. He interacted with him fans and shared about his bond with Kasauti Zindagi Kay co-stars, upcoming project and more.

Fans bombarded Parth’s live with their questions and much to their expectation talk about ‘Kaisi Yeh Yaarian’ filled fans heart with joy. Samthaan talking about ‘Kaisi Yeh Yaarian’ always has a separate fan base. In his live actor quoted show holds a special place in his heart too. He added; well, people asking me about Kaisi Yeh Yaarian season 4? I am sure that smile comes whenever you hear the word. And it’s very crazy, I met lot of people in US also who actually watch ‘Kaisi Yeh Yaarian’. Lot of girls, lots of women and peoples have watched it and have appreciated my work. And I actually find it very nice, I mean it is something to be proud of. I really like it when people actually have watched something which I have done couple of years back and not only now or recently. But yeah, it is something a part of me and I really like it”.

Show Kaisi Yeh Yaarian is indeed a special show for all of us. Parth has Manik and done a master piece on TV. He made the character evergreen. Well, not only on-screen, Samthaan is off-screen king too. If you stalk his instagram account, Parth will surely inspire you in his own way. So, if you have a boring weekend, take lessons from Parth Samthaan to make it more exciting!

Go and Play:

If you are sports freak; take your racket and go to the court.

Dance your heart-out:

Well, yes you can try dancing like there is no one around!

Stay Hydrated:

Stay home, Stay hydrated!

Cheat Meals:

Sometimes it is good to cheat meals, enjoy your weekend by adding calories in your diet.!

Click Selfies:

Last but not the least; update your timeline with your good pictures if you are getting bored!

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