‘Beyhadh’ was a cult show and the person who made Beyhadh a cult was Jennifer Winget’s Maya Mehrotra. Maya was obsessive, perfectionist and someone with immense physcopath tendencies.
She was someone who stopped at nothing. She gained everything she wanted by hook or by crook. Everything about her was limitless. She was ‘Beyhadh’.

Now, imagine someone like Maya Mehrotra came into Bigg Boss House as a contestant.


We bet ‘Bigg Boss’ haven’t seen those TRP charts yet that peak like an Everest.

Maya will enter Bigg Boss house in the Boss Lady avatar she donned while at work in the show. An aura around that gets everyone intimated.

The House
If you are a Bigg Boss watcher, you probably know how scattered the whole house become once the contestants start living there. If Maya joins the league, she will probably make everyone to get thee house in order. TWICE. THRICE OR Until They Get It Right. Because if you know Maya, you know one glare and you are GONE.

Bonding with contestants
Maya is always on the move. Her every step is just her distance covered to the next move. Maya doesn’t mingle with anyone because she trusts no one. Maya might pretend to like a person and later might use the same person as a shield to forward her plan. Because she is Maya she would obviously will kill all the contestants because as Maya says,

‘Mera pyaar agar tumhe unchaayion taknle kar jaa sakta hai toh neeche gira bhi sakta hai!’ and the contestants might be finding themselves inside the pool underwater struggling for breath.

Just another day in Maya’s life.

Enemies in the Bigg Boss House
If someone even unintentionally came under Maya’s radar while opposing her in task, not letting her win, you know, what Maya does to her enemies right?
*sneezes Vandana*

If she falls in Love with someone
God forbid, if she falls in live inside the Bigg Boss House. It will be a glare galore inside the house wth Maya fuming and plotting against every person who tries to get close to her love and even killing without getting caught,the person can’t run anywhere even if he wants because Maya will be like,

‘Main usse pyaar karti hoon, beyhadh pyaar. Mere pyaar se bach kar kahan jayega?’

Nobody can run from Maya. Not even Usian Bolt.

Playing tasks every week.

Maya never loses. When and if she is close to loss, you know what she does the best! Yes, Fake her own death and blame it on someone else. That’s her tried and tested formula. She has done it TWICE. She would find a way to re birth herself and enter as a wild card just when the other contestants would be super relaxed of having got rid of her.

Classic Maya.

If Salman tries to warn her
Can you think of the two, Salman warning Maya and Maya threatening Salman back leaving him gobsmacked with her subtle remarks.

“Kuch Galtiyon ko maaf karna hi sabse badi galti hai,
Aur aisi galti nahi karni chahiye”

Salman this time might really quit the show due to fear of Maya Mehtrotra. Like he says every year. Ahem. Ahem.

Becoming Bigg Boss
‘Pyaar use karo jise aap control kar sako, agar pyaar aapko control karne lage toh use barbaad kar do’
Maya always plans further and farther than you think.
If you think Maya would enter Bigg Boss for the trophy. You don’t know her. Maya loves control and what better way to have the control than becoming the eye? Maya wouldn’t win Bigg Boss. Maya will become the BIGG BOSS.