‘Tu Mera Hai, Aur Tu Mera Hi Hai, Faad Ke Rakh Dungi Sabko.’

When Shehnaz Gill was saying these words in the popular reality show many thought it is to fetch the camera attention as season 13 of Bigg Boss was ruling by the star Siddharth Shukala.

Shehnaz has also mentioned in the show that she wants to win Siddharth and not the trophy. The growing popularity of ‘SIDNAZ’ even after the show is over is bringing the words of Shehnaz true as her words and the stint in the show made her earn huge fan following. And also actress along with Siddharth under the hastag ‘SIDNAZ’ keeps trending online with maximum amount of tweets. So, today we will tell what made ‘SIDNAZ’ to rule the heart of million people worldwide.

They never expect to bring the changes in themselves:

Well, this is the beauty of the relationship of Shehnaz and Siddharth. The duos never expect to bring the changes in themselves; like a happy couple.

They give space to each other:

Yes, off-course, Siddharth and Shehnaz gives space to each other and don’t interrupt each other’s way of living.

They look good on-screen:

Bigg Boss has made many jodi’s inside the house. But SIDNAZ over ruled all with their pairing. The duos look perfect together. And this is the reason Shehnaz and Siddharth’s jodi fever is high post the show.

They have a chemistry:

ITV jodi’s becomes famous when the fans finds a chemistry between the pairs. Shehnaz and Siddharth shares a sizzling chemistry.

So, these are the few reasons that made SIDNAZ to rule the heart of million people worldwide.

On work front, Siddharth Shukala and Shehnaz Gill post Bigg Boss 13 was seen together in a music video ‘Bhula Dunga’. The music video made the record for getting millions of views and comments and counting.

Fans recently expressed their wish for SIDNAZ to be featured in a new season of ‘Broken But Beautiful’.

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