The spin off of Ye Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Ye Rishte Hai Pyar Ke is gaining popularity with every episode. Reason behind the show widely accepted is on-screen awesome twosome. Played by Shaheer Sheikh and Rhea Sharma, Abir and Mishti are considered as most happening jodi of today’s TV world. Here are the reasons what makes them ultra special. 

Understanding between the duo:

They understand each other well. They don’t need words between them. The duo can feel what other want and do what is best for the other.  They understand what the other say and do in accordance of what not is said like Mishti’s reluctance to her real dad and Abir saving her.



A true friendship:

Every love starts with a friendship. Abir and Mishti have always been a true friends despite of all odds. There were many a times when Mishti was accused but Abir has invariably supported her every time. Likewise, Mishti has always stood by Abir no matter what comes in between. She never lost her faith in him. That is what true friends are. Isn’t it? Like when Abir felt depressed, she did everything in her capacity to make him smile . 

Love is in the air:

It says love is next step after friendship. Finally, the confession between two urging souls happened and it happened in a very unique way. Their love started emerging right from the beginning of the show but understanding takes time.  Though, not said from words initially but they understood each other feelings. 

As Abir puts it:

Hai Dagar Mushkil Badi,

Ek Aag Ka Bawandar Bhi Hai,

Par Us paar Ek Pyaara Sa Ghar Bhi Hai, 

Dar Hai Tujhe Aisa Na Ho Ki Sapne Sare Toot Jaye,

Sath Aane Se Humare Shayad Apne Rooth Jaye, 

Apne Agar Roothe Bhi Toh Hans Ke Unhe Mana Lenge,

Rakh Bharosa Pyar Par, Hum Wo Pyara Sa Ghar Bana Lenge.  

Viewers have to wait that how these two love birds make their way amidst so many adverse energies working against them. 

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