Kartik’s growing insecurity will soon change many things amid Kaira.

With Naira getting appreciation for her good work, self-doubt is created in Kartik’s mind. He is trying to overcome from his insecurities but every time Naira and Kartik ends up having heated argument over some or other thing.

So, far in the episode Naira and Kartik is fighting for Mihir. Kartik catches Mihir’s collar and scolds him. Naira shouts on Kartik and ask him to set Mihir free. Kartik ask Naira is she gonna blind and can’t see the truth. Kartik asks Naira can’t she see Mihir having the bag. Naira gets angry and explains Kartik that it was her and Mihir’s plan to trap the real culprit. She further says Manish too knows about this fake deal. Mihir calmly says to Kartik to recheck all the jewelries before delivering it to Jadejas. Mihir also tells Kartik that he always believes in competition not in cheating and stealing. Later, everyone appreciates Naira’s effort.

Now in the upcoming episode viewers will witness high voltage drama, Kartik will be happy as well as proud thinking how Naira risked her life for the family and will think a plan to make her happy. Kartik will plan date for Naira and will ask her to come with him. Here, Mihir will introduce Mitali to the Goenka family. Insecure Kartik will get into a heated argument with Mitali. Later, Kartik will be angry after hearing watchman talking about Mihir and Naira. Kartik will confront Naira about the same and Naira will take Mihir’s side which will shock Kartik.

As reported earlier, show is all set to take another 5 years leap, which will bring separation twist in Kartik and Naira’s life. Well, what next happens in Yeh Rishata Kya Kehlata Hai will be interesting to watch.

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